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Fear of Travel Cage

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I have bought Barney a proper travel cage to travel to his holiday home as we are off to France on Friday, however as expected he thinks its an alien aircraft come to capture him :lol: I have placed it near his cage, played with it, laughed playing with, told him its mine not his etc etc, on Friday if still afraid how will I get him in :? Any suggestions anybody, have some new thick welding gloves thought about just popping him in :shock:

Thanks in advance :D

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Hi, Gillian, Can't offer any real help other than to say I just wrestle mine until they give up :roll: but I don't have parrot travel cage, just a plastic "small furries" one that I use to take them to the vet.


Good luck!

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All I can say is keep leaving it nearby, open, and like bacardi said put in anything he would die for in :)

Just drop it in there so he can see and you walk away.


You have tried everything, keep trying. But if push comes to shove, you will just have to pop him in as quickly and quietly as you can last minute on the day.

Welding gloves ...lol

It may be easier to get a towel and drop it over him, picking up and placing the whole lot in the carrier if you have to. Shut the door, he will wiggle out from under it, and it doesn't matter if it gets pooped on, and it won't hurt to have it in there. Oh make sure it is a goodish towel with no holes or loose stringy bits.


What is he like with playing peek a boo?

Could you try getting a small towel and making a game of hiding under it?

You to start with, and then see if he will let you maybe drop a corner of it over him...

Of course it may not work. But maybe he will like peek a boo....


If he shows no signs of liking it I would stop after a few days, don't want to make him totally wary of towels. As you have so little time to work on it.

You have a week to have a go....

Good luck.

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