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I've got a new job- wish me luck

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Some of you know i was made redundant in November, well i've had my time out and i am going back to work, i have applied for loads of jobs and been for numerous interviews to either hear nothing or be told i'm over qualified, anyway a couple of weeks ago my youngest son told me about a job i really fancied that is a hobby of ours aswell and something i had often said i would love to do and i thought NO they wouldn't take me on nearly 50 little and plump, but he kept badgering me and finally i plucked up the courage and called and had a chat with the owner and went in on monday and had another chat and i start on Monday, my 3 boys and my hubby think i have landed the coolest Mum job ever, it's in a leading Honda motorcycle Dealers :lol::lol: i am so excited and can't wait so wish me lick guys, i'm on a months trial.

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