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Harry's Mummy

Safe to use?(Cleaner/disinfectant aviary also with rabbits)

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£8.25p for the super concentrate of 100ml appears to be the lowest price, several places on the web. But then you add the cost of postage.

Try a few local vets see if they stock/sell it?

(100ml doesn't sound much but lasts ages)

If it is any cheaper, check the sell by/use by dates!


Soapy water (I doubt if hot makes much difference outside)like good old washing up liquid, and a stiff brush/broom, with hosing off.

But I know you feel like it is better for occasional disinfection too :)


There are some products that soap and disinfect at the same time..can't remember the names, is it Arklens.. ?

And F10 do one too.


Unless you have a dirty build up (which still needs good basic cleaning and scrubbing before disinfection) or disease, personally think that good regular basic cleaning is enough.


Guess you will just have to wash the bunnies with whatever you clean bunnies with if they get pooped on :shock: :)

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