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Feel Like I have been so Cruel( Reason Why)

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I have a beautiful pair of Moustache's who were bought from the Staff show a few years ago in very poor condition. It took a long while to bring them back to full condition.


I was told ( as you always are) great breeder's (So why neglent then oust them)


Anyway year before last they produced some really lovely chicks and reared then to perfection.


Last year I nearly lost the hen who became egg bound. We think it was because we had moved house and upset the balance as it was very soon after moving.


It was advised that we take down the box and let her rest.


On sunday I was having a general tidy, as you do. Something just said put up the box.


Bless her heart within mins she had jumped in the box calling the cock. The cooing sounds were amazing and sounded like pure joy. Both have been having a really good chew and she has settled in.


Needless to say it now up the calcium and everything else. I will keep a real close eye.


Won't take away the guilt that she may have ended up droping eggs at the bottom of her flight.

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Louise, I have keeping birds mainly on a rescue basis now for many years. I have done everything in my limited power to provide for their needs. Large homes, company, good diet, plenty of toys to guard against bordem, the best Avain care and so on.


Just lately I have come up against issues that have made me begin to think more like a bird. We-being humans take on these feathered souls and then proceed to enforce our boundries into their lives.


In the case of tame parrots it is quite easy to see a happy bird. Those that are not tame do not display the same warnings. Oh yes we see when they are sick in the body, but what of the mind. Humans get depressed as do dog, cats and I am sure many other species. What about caged un-tame birds.


In the last 6 months I have

Lost a Meyer who was egg bound ( no signs at all)

Had a hen patagonian badly chewed by the cock because she could not escape him. ( recovering very well)

A Cockatiel who nearly died through constipation

I have CAG with PBFD who is featherless and would most certainly have died in the wild

Now the Moustache, whom I may have lost for the lack of a nest box.


I know only too well that on balance with the amount of birds I have and have rescued over the years the balance is well in my favour.


I am just feeling it is time to stand back and evaluated. Do I do what I do for ME or the BIRDS?

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