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Update on Bobby

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Bobby been here another month and he started doing someing new again on saturday night.

For some reason once a month he gives us some thing new. Last month he started to say hello. (still only says it to himself and Rob) And still the only word he says.


well on saturday night he was out walking up and down the back of the sofa while Rob was sat at the computer playing poker.

well he kept stretching his head towards Rob and turning his head from side to side. Till Rob put his hand on the back of the sofa for Bobby to put his head down so Rob could tickle it. this is there normal nightly routine.


well Saturday i think Bobby got fed up of stretching his head towards Rob and sat there and made a click noise. he did it a couple of times then Rob gave him his hand. Since then when he wants Rob he either says hello or clicks at him.


SO now even when Rob walks past his cage or goes in and out the room he meet with a Hello click. so Rob says hello big boy or Bobby and now as to stop for a tickle.


He got Rob trained lol. Wish i knew is secret.;)

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Well last night u would have fell about laughing me and Connah my youngest could not stop laughing and Rob could not see why.


Bobby was top of his cage and from there he can reach my light switch. well he turn the light off and flyed back to the sofa to look at Rob as to say it werent me.

Rob then got up turn the light back then sat down to carry on playing poker. For Bobby to fly back to his cage and turn the light off again and back to the sofa, for Rob to get up turn it on again.


This went on for about 10 mins and me and Connah we just laughing at Rob. Who just could not see what was going on.

When he did he told Bobby to behave to which Bobby just bob his head up and down as to say he was laughing at him.


And to top it off he started it again tonight. but Rob conned on after about the 3rd time of doing it.

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