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i'm trying to find a home for a bunny.

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sorry if this is in the wrong place but it seemed the most appropriate place to put it.


today i was offered a 1 year old lionhead bunny. with me already having a female bunny i said i could only take it on if it was another girl or had been neutered. she didn't know what sex it was so we went to see it. he's a boy so not suitable for us so now i'm here to see if anyone else think they can offer him a home. he's not exactly a lionhead either, i think he's a lionhead mini lop cross. and he's adorable, so friendly. he let us all stroke him & didn't seem to mind when i picked him to look at his you know what. if he was a girl, he'd be here now but as we weren't planning another bunny we don't have the spare cash to get him 'done'.


my mum is after a bunny so i asked her but my dad has said no :evil: .


he's in stockport, anyone think they can help?

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That's very naughty! I used to volunteer at my local PDSA - it was so horrible when people came in that you just KNEW weren't on benefits and actually had the cash for the vets, they just didn't want to pay! There was a lady with a cat who had something wrong with its tummy. She wore real designer clothes (I'm a mini fashionista, i know my fakes from reals lol), stacks of jewellery and toted around a chloe handbag. She was going on about how her cat was a pedigree so we had better sort him out because he was expensive. When she came (two days late) to pick up her cat, she rolled her eyes at the donation box, pulled out a roll of notes and put £20 out of what must have been at least £300 in tenners. My blood boiled!


Sorry I'm not being really mean, just reminded me of that lady!


I *think* some PDSA and RSPCA vets offer cheaper neutering in their crusade to cut down unwanted animals. You could call and ask - they may help you out, you never know!


Hope he finds a nice home if not with you - sounds like a cutey!



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