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Cities 1 but no ring????

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I was in my local Parrot The last few weeks and they have the most beautiful dyh there, poor bird is in need of a good shower, a lot more freedom, and a proper diet but apart from that seems very friendly, likes a stroke and is quite chatty/chirpy, well iv'e given it quite a bit of thought and i could fit one more in my home so I'm thinking maybe I'll give him/her a home here.


I went to see the shop owner to enquire about the dyh, but all i got was £700 quid, about 6-7 yrs old, yea mate tame ish, but all theses amazons can be a bit nippy.


OK, so not much joy with the shop owner then.


Well what i did notice is that the bird has no ring on it, is it legal to sell a cities 1 bird that doesn't have a ring? I would guess no ring = no real id.


I hope someone here can let me know if the bird can actually be sold to me if i do decide on buying Him/Her.

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Perhaps the bird is microchipped but I don't know if a closed ring is necessary as well?


Here's a thread all about Cites and a phone number where you can ring and ask ....



= from the INFORMATION TOPICS© section: https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/forum/22-parrot-link-information-topics/

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Having a ring is not mandatory what is important is the "Article 10 Certificate "


having said that


Burden of Proof


Traders are reminded that, under the Control of Trade in Endangered Species (Enforcement) Regulations 1997, they must be able to show that their specimens were lawfully acquired. When buying or selling CITES specimens traders should always obtain (or provide) a statement listing the permit/certificate number under which the item was originally imported or sold, or, where appropriate, provide a letter from the breeder confirming when and where the specimen was bred in captivity. As much detail as possible should also be provided, especially regarding parental details, ring numbers, microchips etc. If this information is not available, traders should provide as much information as possible including copies of invoices confirming the dates of acquisition, information confirming the age and origin of the specimen and the circumstances under which they were acquired.



from here http://www.ukcites.gov.uk/license/Bulletin13.htm


If this bird has no papers it is illegal to sell it and the seller needs to be reported or if it is an old bird that was imported pre registration papers need to be obtained


Traders are also reminded that an Annex A specimen obtained by way of a gift will still require an Article 10 certificate if they intend to use it for commercial purposes. Furthermore, any recipient of such a gift who applies for a certificate will need to supply exactly the same information as would have been provided by the breeder or importer, and also give details of the specimen’s history before a certificate can be issued. It is important to note that the certificate may be restrictive in its conditions for commercial use, e.g. it may not allow sale of the specimens. Traders should also note that the Department has no power to issue such certificates retrospectively once a specimen has been acquired for commercial use.




The Wildlife Licensing and Registration Service

Animal Health

1/17 Temple Quay House

2 The Square

Temple Quay




Phone 0117 372 8774

Fax 0117 372 8206

Email wildlife.licensing@animalhealth.gsi.gov.uk

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Thanks for that guys!


I think I'll see the owner and explain that it Would be illegal to sell the bird, but OK to GIVE him to me as a gift. :D


I think that is OK?? mmmm I'm sure i read that somewhere.


Oh Well, Anyways, the bird needs a good home and it's no good to a parrot selling businessman if it can't be sold eh? :wink:

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