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Guest linds

buying a new oven

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Guest linds

I am moving house in a few months time and as it's a new property comes with a new oven. At the moment I live in an old victorian conversion and with the kitchen at the other end of the house from the birds i haven't had too many concerns as the window is open when i'm cooking etc but the new house is much, much smaller and fairly open plan so the birds will be in close proximity of the kitchen.


I'm worried about the oven, i know it's a smeg appliance but nothing more as yet.


Any tips on what I need to make sure it doesn't/does have.

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I don't know if this helps...There are two kinds of self cleaning ovens.

One is a self cleaning that locks the doors on the cleaning cycle and heats the oven to a very high temperature, to bake off the mucky bits.

The problem must be fumes from the stuff that is "cooked off".

Not surprising really.


The other type is so called stay clean linings. They are a kind of "crunchy" finish, not smooth like enamel. The idea is that spills spread over the surface, and get absorbed, and get baked off more slowly. But even so you are supposed to put the oven on a high heat and cook them off too, from time to time.


I think the problem arises with fumes if you have cooked a few things with spills and splatters and don't realise you have a build up, then use a higher heat and get nasty fumes from burned bits. But I am not totally sure.


We have the crunchy kind in our ovens, they are removable. But you can't use oven cleaners on them.

Don't roast much or do much cooking so I hardly need to clean them. I do mine occasionally, when I can put the birds outside.


I hope you can find the model number soon, so you can decide what to do.

There are some kinds of ovens that you can still get without any linings so you can clean them the old fashioned way.

But if you have one with removable ones I guess you could replace them now and then.

Good luck

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