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Bought my little baby girl yesterday!!:D/

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Only one word to describe my little african grey :D/ "WOW" :D/ :D

We have named her Sita, name after an Hindu goddess.


I bought her home yesterday from Kleopatra, and is so well behaved. She gave all the family cuddles when we bought her home. She seems to be settle in well, but im sure it will take a week or so for her to get used to the new surroundings


So exciting...cant wait to go home and play with her!!


I would highly recommend kleopatra to anyone looking for a parrot!!


Gotta get back to work now!!




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Thanks for the great welcomes and congratulations guys!!!!


I think over the weekend I shall take some pictures and create a account on on Photobucket!


She seems to be more active now. She has a little difficulty climbing around the cage and moving from pirch to pirch, but im sure thats because she is a baby and is still learning. Am i correct in thinking that?

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