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Setting up a pair of BH Caiques for breeding?

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I am in the process of getting the set up right for my pair of BH Caiques and wondered if anyone who has experience can give me any tips and hints to ensure their happiness with the set up.


ie what sort of box to use, what materials to provide in the box, what times of year are normal for Caiques to breed, what increase in food types and amounts do I need to provide? supplements?


I have books on caiques and am doing as much research as possible, so its nice to get other peoples experiences and opinions so I can do my best to get it right early on and make as little mistakes as possible along the way.




Stacey xxxx

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Never actually bred Black Headed :( although Ive got several pairs But I have bred lots of Yellow Thighed & I cant think why they would want any different diet or accommodation.


Diet a good parrot mix.... millet offered but seldom eaten,lots of fresh fruit & veg daily.....sprouted seed,pulses & egg food once a week or every day when breeding.


Caiques tend to breed in the colder months although more are breeding throughout the year now a days.


Nest boxes we found successful were 18" deep & 12" square made from 3/4" marine ply & 2" softwood ........rough shaving used as a nest material.....one of my pairs will destroy all perches in one day...plus do severe damage to the nest box in a week :(


Once they start breeding they tend to go on for years....we always found them to rear there own young with no problems....which sadly doesnt seem to be the case with a lot of pairs these days.


Housing: my Yellow Thighed were in aviaries 9ft x 4ft with inside quarters....the nest box was hung out side under cover.


Hope this helps.

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My experience is a touch different from Gary's,but i only work with 5 pairs of each species.

Black Headed are indeed different from White Bellied in the fact that it is not a good idea to keep them on a colony,it has been done in very large aviaries but with only 1 pair breeding.

My imported pairs were placed in 16 foot long aviaries with a 30cm tall x 15 x15 square box and bred each year during the summer,with this set up they parent reared perfectly.

For feeding i gave them a mix from D/Dutch plus soaked pulses and fruit and from February egg food.

These are a superb bird to keep and very easy to breed in an aviary and i have had no problem with them parent rearing.

With my regime i do not use supplements with these birds but if you wish to use some perhaps it will do no harm?

I am strongly against cube breeding (battery farming)these birds as i am well aware these birds will only breed for as few years and then stop.

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