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Little = Biggy for me

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every night for 3 years have always put Sonny and Cher to bed with their fav treat. Sonny could not run fast enough over all the perches to get to his.


say BED to Sonny he would start to drool--only as a parrot can do.


Cher has only clung to left inside of cage, take treat from me, then drop it to bottom of cage. occasionally she would take. have to understand that I always placed them in big, middle perch then they decided where they get night treat.

tonight Sonny same place staring at me front of cage . give me, give me,


Cher ran to right side of cage on big middle perch "OK where is mine" gave her treat - a first -right side.


do not know but I think after all these years she now feels a little more secure.

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