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Cage for a Senegal???

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Hi all. Sorry to bother everyone but I need some advice.

I am not at all happy with the cage Monty (Senegal) is in although it is big - 99*50*155 cm - it has a sliding door and I have nearly caught his feet on a few occasions. I am getting some money for Christmas and am going to buy him a brand new cage.

Would the Madiera 11 be suitable? It is not very much smaller than the cage he is in now (not as high, obviously, but Monty does not use the bottom third anyway). I want to have as big a cage as possible as Monty is used to having a large cage.

Any suggestions for suitable large cages would be appreciated as I want this to be the last cage I buy for him (why I thought this cage I have was good I do not know!!).

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