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what a weekend

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hi guys

just wanted to say what a weekend we have had with Bobby (tag).


My 9yr old son friend came round on friday night while Bobby was out. now Bobby normals just sits near Rob and no one else. But on friday night cam was eating a bag of crisps and Bobby went over to him stood tall next to him with head bend round looking up at cam. So cam gave Rob a cheese ball crisp to give to Bobby who when on the back of the settee and sat happily eating this crisp then went back and did it again.

We were so proud of Bobby cos he never gone that closes to anyone else b4. And proud of cam cos he did not freak out when bobby went near him.


Then saturday he made a beeline for my 9yr old son Connah. He would not leave him alone. so we told Connah to put a custion on his knee like Rob does. Bobby land on this custion and happily let Connah tickle his head.


Then on Sunday we let him out of his cage as normal but then Rob went out. (we only let him out when Rob in cos Robs the only one that can get him back in). Anyway Rob went out for a few hours which was not a problem leaving Bobby out. I could not get him in for love or money he just flew off even when i gave him a grape he just flew of with the grape. so in the end i show him i was putting some more food in his cage.


After about a hour his belly won. He made his way to his cage and spent about 10mins working out how to get back in to his food pot.


But all weekend he been doing little things that he does not normal do. It feels like he decided he home and got his feet under the table. If this is the start of things to come god help us. we lost the amount of times we had to get up to move him from one thing to another.


but we our so PROUD of him.

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