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Help...... Louis has worms

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A couple of times since we got Louis, I have noticed little 'stringy' bits hanging from his bum which I put down to the veg I was giving him. But whilst cleaning out his cage just now, he done a little poop as he was hanging onto the window handle which landed on my black kitchen tiles, so there it was, clear as day a long white worm YUK!


Right then, so now I have a problem with what to give him, how to weigh him (for dosage) and what has caused it. He is not hand tame yet and doesn't drink very much at all (so medicine to put in his water is a no-no). He is not showing the usual symptoms, he is sparkly eyed and eating loads, just a tad grumpy (when we go too near him), which to be honest he always has been due to him being nervous, the only slight sign is that he sneezes sometimes, but not that often that it caused me any concern. He is happy singing on the top of his cage right now.


Help please, I can only presume he came to me with this, I can't think of anything here where he could have got it.




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Guest ytagguk

hi, i think you should send off a few days droppings to be tested for worm eggs, then you will know just what worms you have.

it only costs £7, the lab in driffield does it, i have the address if you want it.


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