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Should I heed the message or What?

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Two of my Greys seemj to make far more mess out of the cage than any of the others. So thought I would try and improve the situation by getting them some food bowls which are placed at the end of the perch and so hang nearer the middle than the side.


Last night I duly added the new perches and food bowls. Being daft as I am I thought I should still leave some food in the old bowl until they get used to the new.


After about an hour I peeped in to see how they were getting on.


There was Rosie systematically gathering the food from the new bowl and placing it back in the old.


Then she picked some up to eat and threw the leftovers out the cage. As she has always done.


I stood there a good 10 mins waiting to see if she would eat from the new bowl.


No not a morsel, not even her favorite treats.


So it's back to the dustpan and brush 10 times a day I guess.


I know I could take away the old bowl, but I would rather eat off china than plastic so I think she gets her way.

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