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Willow - summing up of first two weeks.

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Well, this little bundle of feathers and beek has been with us for just over two weeks - and a very happy little bundle she seems to!


So far there seems little she won't eat and goes beserk if she sees us eating and she isn't - even a trip to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee results in desperate 'and me' calls (never mind how quiet I try to be ha ha!) The experience of finding a mug of tea on the hot side (within minutes of me bringing her home) has seemed to have taught her some wariness about 'over-enthusiasm' regarding the sight of mugs though.


She loves to be fed from a spoon and I have been giving her porridge made with water and fruit juice, mashed banana, or a cooked concoction of mashed veg including butternut squash, sweet and ordinary potatoes, carrots etc. However we have had to have a few words about the wisdom of being fed on the top of my head - a place she seems to feel is her parroty duty to get to whenever she is on my hand but I appear distracted.


Like now! My earings are another fave - right lets go and have a shower - she's fed up with me typing and beating me up! More later.


Lots of photos on photobucket! :roll:

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:lol: Well I actually got a bath in peace as young Willow was engrossed for over an hour, watching the great outdoors. My back bedroom has a huge window with a view over Bristol and you can see for miles. She loves going up there for a gaze about and seems to now understand that one cannot fly thro' glass - having learnt the hard way. And now, having shared a cheese and tomato sarnie with me, is dozing on my shoulder - and giving earings/top of my head a break Being a right mummy's girl today.


Has to be said this business of grey ownership (which way round though - who owns who?) is a pretty full on occupation and cannot believe the anguish I would be feeling if I was out all day.


Talking of which, I do need to pop out so back to the new cage - which both my partner and I could easily fit into, and select appropriate radio station........... :P

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She's lovely! Wait till she comes in the bath with you!

Ha ha! Been trying to entice her. Gave her a couple of sprays with the showerhead, but the third was greeted with a grumble and she voted with her wings.


I work as an agency nurse and have told agency I can only do nights because of my new baby, so I get in about half an hour after hubby leaves. This morning I was a bit late back as threre was a traffic delay - straight on with her porridge and let her out of her cage, Willow was in full 'baby' mode and wanted it NOW - I just could not get it cool quick enough - even harder with a parrot hanging off your arm, straining to get to something that is far too hot.


Decided to put her back into her cage, she thought otherwise, and I found myself getting angry, then realised how silly I was being - by which time a further dollop of fruit juice rendered it suitable and we sat down to baby feed her (do I perhaps belive in making a rod for my own back?). Hunger appeased she snuggled up right next to my face and nudged me to stroke the back of her head. There we stayed having a little lovie session for the next half hour.


This was, of course, after she had thoroughly wiped her beak clean on my jumper! Lol - reminds me of when my kids were toddlers and had snotty noses - mum was a walking hankerchief for nose to be wiped on whenever convenient (though avoided if seen to have tissue in her hand).


I cannot get over how much this actually reminds me of motherhood and having new baby in the house!


I have to admit that when I first looked at this site, I was a bit shocked at all these 'adults' referring to themselves as 'parroty mothers', but what better way is there of describing the whole thing?


:oops: Oh yes - she is spoilt! Being the only egg that hatched and the breeders' first attempt at hand rearing, got her off onto a very spoilt start really, and I am trying hard not to be too much of a pushover - but well, we are both rather new to this human/parrot thing!


Well, am steeling myself for baby bathtime and turn round to observe shredded baby sweetcorn - everywhere! Ah bless! ](*,)

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