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LOST: Red Headed/Fronted Conure - Runcorn, Cheshire 7/11

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My mums Conure, Paddy, escaped whilst being looked after by a relative on the 7/11 in the Murdishaw area of Runcorn. My mum is understandably distraught as she has been away from home for the last six weeks receiving care for a bad fall and now she will go home to an empty cage! He is a big bird in a little birds body and although he is a little terror we would love to get him back. He has no real distingushing features other than his bright green body, red head and red on the top of his wings. I believe the last time I saw him he also had a small area on his left breast where he had been plucking himself I think because he hadn't seen my mum for sometime. My brother is canvassing the local area and since I live away from my mum, I am trawling the internet for help. If anyone could give me any advice it would be greatly appreciated. I am listing him in as many forums/ads as possible, and have e-mailed John Hayward with his details too.


Many thanks for taking the time to read.


Heres hoping!!!


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So sorry that this bird has gone astray!


The link below contains many useful tips to help refind a lost bird:



Our forum Lost/Found Co-ordinator, Potty's Mum will be glad to help in any way she can.

You can email her by clicking on pottysmum@btinternet.com


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