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Loony bird!

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Tinker has a new 'thing' she does. Hangs upside down by one toe then flaps and preens the tops of her wings while swinging round! Just to make sure she gets the right bit of the wing she hold said wing with her free foot! Oh and just for more enjoyment its accompanied by various squawks, squeaks and whistles!

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My grey who barely flies at all (probably due to a very bad and very unbalanced clip when he was young) gets a lot of wing exercise by hanging upside down in his cage and flapping and squawking. (We call him jungle bird when he does it :D ).


When he started to do this he banged the ends of his wings on the toys and sides of the cage so I changed his cage round and now he only ever has two 'toys' (which I alternate) in the top of his cage.

They are a short length of plastic chain and a box with big holes in the sides.

He loves to hang upside down from these. I hang them right in the middle of the roof and have no other toys within the reach of his wings when he's stretching them right down.


It makes for a very bare top part of the cage - but suits him. :D

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