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Safer-Healthier Surroundings

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after allot of great advice from forum members have totally revamped Sonny and Cher's "flight space". cannot remember who on here told me that they thought that Sonny and Cher when they would fly it was a "fright flight" not a natural--lets go for a look see. I am pretty sure they were right on.... I was considering to have Sonny and Cher clipped again (for their safety) prior to this knowledge. Just Considering! but not now.


They know have a huge space with that they have always been in but now more bird friendly---gee I hope.


Leaves falling from trees outside spooked them, wild birds, squirrels running in yard, delivery folks walking up sidewalk you name it, it was a genuine Fright Flight. Slam, Bang, Squawk, and then me trying to run and find them with my heart beating so fast and loud I thought if they are hurt or dead I will die.


They are the love of my life---my children.... sounds so petty to so many but it is the truth with me, I have now confessed my soul. My hubby even gets ticked every now and then.


OK enough sob.


Prior was history that a few folks on here already know and probably already bored to tears with this but--here goes-- my update.


Sonny and Cher only once in a blue moon have a fright flight. I installed mini-blinds on all windows which allow light in but sorta blocks their vision. I had minis before but always pulled them open and up during the day because I was worried about Sonny and Cher not being able to really see the outside.....thought that would make them happier.


I put up some wall decorations as deterrents from slam dunks from birds in flight.


Purchased floor length drapes to pull at night so light from passing vehicles do not startle them during the night.


Another consideration was lighting. Guess where I got my best advice from? Yep you all.


OH also Sonny and Cher have a floor lamp with Daylight-Vita light bulbs next to their cage.


Bet you guys never ask me again----Please let us know how it is going. :wink:


I really love sharing all of this with all of you. :D:D:D:D


Best reward, I actually see a more relaxed, happier, healthier Sonny and Cher!!! :D


have updated photo bucket. first few picks of Sonny and Cher's new accommodations but not done yet.

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I did forget to mention a very important "safe" thing I also did. I purchased a few of those cheapie suction cup hooks that stick really well to glass and smooth surfaces. I attached suction cups to inside of my glass doorways, printed pic and "Parrot Crossing" sign ---hand written warning just as good. posted eye level but not enough to block your vision for seeing in or out. This has been a great help, especially for my hubby, when Sonny and Cher's cage is open and he, me or any are in and out all day, (door never seems to stop opening and closing especially in warn weather).

Stop---Look---Parrot Crossing. When we both leave and Sonny and Cher are locked in their cage all safe and sound and no one is at home I just remove sign from hook so if someone comes to door while we are not there they will never know about my prizes. have added pics to my photobucket of postings.

Posted Image

I do have couple more ex. but afraid to big to insert in post.

ps LAM I did resize hope enough :oops: :D

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thanks rubytoo. wood you bet, our house is actually an old 1 room school house remodeled. new addition on school is where Sonny and Cher's cage is. rest of house is also 90% wood---Too's would have one heck of a good time---maybe add some--- character. :D:D

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