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can a macaw settle so quick

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some of you may already know that on weds night i purchased a b&g macaw off some one from this site.

just wanted to give you all an update on how hes doing!


i cant belive how hes settled so quick, i havnt really left the house since,as i cant bear to be away from him.


my routine has been greys playtime in the morning, then macaw playtime for 3 hrs in the afternoon, then all night too.


well the bad points are he has attacked my border,and i have to now hoover aprox 6 times aday due to food been chucked, but hey its like having another kid.


he is so tame its unbeliveable, every visitor who comes to have a look at him,is quickly greeted with a macaw landing on their head!


last night was the best, my son had a pot noodle, and oh my god, did that interest bule, within 2 mins he was eating out of my sons mouth,with a kiss inbetween mouthfulls.


id had a few drinks last night and put some music on tv,well that was it he was on my shoulder for over 2 hours,dancing with me,infact it took me all my time at 2am to finely inform him that it was now bed time and he had to go back in his cage.


and also he was out with the greys and they were fine!


i wish i would of got a macaw years ago

there fab!!!!!!!!!!

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Really pleased for you :)


I explain a bird in a new home like this ....

When a bird goes to a new home it is a little like a child going to stay with Aunty - at first they are unsure and so behave perfectly but soon begin to feel settled and start 'playing-up' to see what they can get away with, testing boundaries and so on.


so all the gentle rules you can instil now will mean you will have a well behaved parrot in the future ..... and it sounds as though you are off to a wonderful start Posted Image

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i think i experianced that yesterday, as in the afternoon he got a bit nippy with me,

he was fine on thursday with me,very gentle.

but i stood my ground with him,and a gentle telling off as in a nooooooooo or an awhhhhhhh seemed to work well with him


i was a bit scared to handling him at first, i think he picked up on that, so after a few beers last night i think i found my confidence with him and it has now payed off with him,


but i do realise that he still only 15 months old and hes liable to be a stroppy adolescance, but hey im used to that with my 14 year old son lol

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