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need help with new parrot!

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hello all,

ive just signed up, shall post in the intro section soon!

but just now i really need help with my mums parrot. He's a Hans Macaw and were told by his previous owners hes around 4 years old. for the first couple of months he was brilliant, a really chatty friendly bird but now his attitude has totally changed.

he is now refusing to go near anyone but my mum which wouldnt be a problem except hes biting her and refuses to come off her or go in his cage. we tried using treats to get him to sit on top of his cage or to go in it but now hes wise to that and wont go near the treats. hes getting worse and its starting to really stress my mum out. she wants to work with him but just isnt sure how to. we've only ever had budgies and cockatiels.

any help would be VERY gratefully recieved!

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Posted Image to the Parroty Place, Daikenkai. Loads to share, learn and enjoy Posted Image


Posted Image


You'll notice many of us have a photobucket link under our posts - Below is an easy how-to on setting pics and/or vids up to share with us all:





Here's our section of Information Topics:



Also a variety of topics you may like to wander through:



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When a bird goes to a new home it is a little like a child going to stay with Aunty - at first they are unsure and so behave perfectly but soon begin to feel settled and start 'playing-up' to see what they can get away with.

Gentle insistence is the way to go and here's how I encourage a bird back into the cage ...

Making a big event of putting the day's fresh seed ration (or fruit/veg if that is their favourite meal of the day) into the cage and a favoured treat on the top of the food is a good start. Show it to the bird and pretend you are going to eat the treat before popping it back on top of the grub in the bowl and making a show of putting it into the cage.

It doesn't take birds long to work out that going indoors is good.

If you expect your bird to go back in several times a day keep the most favoured treat only for this and pop that onto the food already in there.


in the meantime try this:

assuming you can hold the bird or get him/her onto your hand or a hand held stick .... reverse slowly toward the cage moving so that your entire body blocks the bird's view of the cage. Move slowly and make a huge fuss of the bird or sing - whatever holds his/her attention. Hold him/her low so that the bird will be at the right level to pop straight in through the open door.

Just as you reach the cage, turn and pop the bird into the door using your other hand held flat palm down as a 'roof' above the bird's head to prevent the bird grabbing the bars.

This part needs to be a fast, smooth action so I practised it without the bird being in sight until I had the knack and only then attempted it with the bird.


It isn't long before they 'give in' and accept this method so .... good luck and let us know how it goes.


You may find a tip or two here ...



and it may well help to stick train your bird so the chance to bite hands is sidestepped ....



= from the INFORMATION section: https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/forum/22-parrot-link-information-topics/


I'm sure other members will be along to share their experiences and tips with you :)

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It may well be that the bird is hormonal. We've just had this with one of ours. We were told (by the Vet) to towel her if necessary to put her back in her cage. Any little tasty titbits were only to be given by me and I was not to try and handle her at all. That (along with some medication) has worked and she is now much calmer and we're all happier - especially my ears!

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OH gawd hahns! You either love them or hate them! Me, I baby sat for one a month or so back OMG! I've never been beaten by a bird, but this bird beat me! Well and truely under the thumb I was LOL So be interesting to see what Hahns owners have to say just in case he comes back for another holiday!

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thanks for the great advice and links! got some really good tips and my mums going to start the training immediately. it seems hes really trying to assert dominance over her and now itll be a battle of wills to see who can beat who! lol

its just going to be a matter of starting from scratch with him but she is very willing to do what it takes as he is a lovely bird when he wants to be!

shall keep you all updated and hopefully will have some good news!

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only just seen this thread

i have 3 hahns of my own one at the age of 4 and half and 2 at 3

the 1 at four gizzy did start to be more of a handfull bitin nippin at age of 3 and same thing now with my other 2 they have got louder and nip an awfull lot more then ever but all i am doin is not letting them be the winner if they nip make them aware this is wrong .with havin 3 all 3 have diffrent ways of makin me show them what there doin is wrong

i either have to use towel treats even a perch to make 1 of them leave my shoulder as he totally refuses to step up now

the bite hurts for a little beak but i find not showin any response to this and puttin them into there cage also works

i also leave room

its hard work but well worth the time and patience i get somedays were i think i have had enough but couldnt be without them

i was once told if i didnt have mine under control soon i would never do it but to be honest i dont intend to give up without a fight its like havin kids would u give up on them

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well just to say, taken a lot of your tips and put them into action and Travis is MUCH better!

he goes into his cage a lot easier now (although he still needs a bit of work) and isnt biting at all now! hes become a joy to have out again!

thanks so much everyone for all your help. my mums now happy with her new "baby" and Travis seems a lot cheerier too! :D:D:D

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