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Baby's first tantrum

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Ha ha! - Saw a different side to Willow (baby CAG) this afternoon. :evil: :twisted:


She gets very excited when the kettle is on - and the sound of cups in mugs etc, and normally very quiet, will start calling, increasing in intensity to a shriek, if not instantly hand fed something sloppy. I made my partner and I a drink and the calling started. As we were both busy (hence she had a very rare half hour in her cage) and she had eaten not long ago, I told her 'not now' and we tried to ignore her more frantic calls.


She got really mad and starting tearing at everything she could and leaping around the bottom of her cage and trying to get out, biting at the sides etc.


Ok! Sucker here :oops: fell for it and quicly mashed a bit of banana with a little warm water, after double checking doors and windows, I opened her cage and she shot out onto my arm, and we settled on the sofa to give it to her.


The little bu--er =; didn't even want more than a mouthfu :roll:


I can only assume it was exactly what it looked like - a full on temper tantrum!l. Looking a bit ashamed of herself now and having a dose after expending all that energy!

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