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Wing biting & Rubbing on Cage

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Not sure if this is anything to worry about so I thought I would call on all you experts................


Louis has always climbed all round his cage and rubs his back and wings against the bars of the cage. He sort of hangs on with his feet, rubs his back a lot and then starts biting the top of his wings. Is this normal? Is he just playing around, or is he itching, do you think?


He seems to be doing it more in the last two days. I know his cage is way too small for him (he came with cage) and we are collecting a new, much larger one the weekend. He enjoys coming out of the cage for a little while each day, although to start with it was almost as if he didn't know how to fly, I'm really sure he hasn't been let out before. He seems to love giving his wings a stretch and seems much calmer the last couple of days, he panted a lot the first few times we let him out.


Any advice gratefully received.

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My freddie and benjie do this, Freddie does it the most. I see it as them just soothing themselves, a bit like a dog or cat rolling over and rubbing all the parts they cannot reach.


Keep letting him out at the same time each day so he gets in a routine. Parrots love routine so do it at a time you can stick to as much as possible and Im sure he will become accustomed to it :)

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