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Brooke & Kev

b&g pets together

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although i consider us quite knowledgable in keeping parrots all ours are wild breeders, apart from peter our pet blue and gold, who as some of you know is fantastic and very tame..


what i would like to know is this....



i am thinking of buying another tame b&g , but as i dont think the seller knows the sex of it , would keeping the new b&g and peter together be a problem come breeding season?? peter is DNA'd as a male . If the new one was a male would he get jelious? if the new one was female would peter get possesive?


the last think i want to do is breed them , and i dont want them to get wild either, what i want to know is could they live together and still be my pets?

they will have seperate cages for bedtime, but i would like them on the playstands together out all day with me :)


any help on this?


thanks brooke and kev


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hi brooke&kev

i have just done this very thing i have 6 greys 1 amazon 1hans macaw the greys all have there own friends mostly the boys play and preen each other the girls are a bit rough this suits me as they are pets and i do not wish to breed all in separate cages at night during the day we have an outside aviary in which they can let off steam i have a 3 yr old b&g who just looked a little lonely noone would play with him as he was to boisterous and big 7 weeks ago a friend of mine asked me look after his B&g he is now 24 weeks old i wondered how they would get on well the answer is brilliantly he is also a male which we found out last week my friend has now kindly agreed to let us keep the baby as a friend for alfie if he would have taken him back i would have had to get him a friend as it is great to see them together hope this helps marion

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