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Things Can Get Better

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As many of you know I am not a frequent poster.....though I have a look see everyday...with sadness I read about abez, was shocked at bfek leaving too, was sorry for many as they suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, have smiled at some jokes,The one thing that keeps me sane is the hope that things can only get better,.Chloe (cag) who was a "mans " bird I think has climbed the last hill.....For the last two weeks she has been "Stepping Up" on to my arm and sharing apple,banana,walnut,etc with me, She also lets me stroke her right down her back and over her wings and makes this cute cheerp noise which fingers crossed is good. She now accepts any new toys without freaking and in fact usually tries to play with them before I can get em hung up and as for food WOW she will try anything I am eating (Anyone like brussel sprouts...yuck)..She can fly with accuracy now and all her flight feathers are whole and she is building up her muscles steadily.She is in the correct weight range for her size and she hasnt lunged at anyone in months...She I think is finally as happy as any caged bird can be and though I was not keen at first I am glad for her sake that ex left her with me(he had got bored of her within weeks of buying her and she hated me on sight hence the chunks she took out of me)... But when I can afford a friend for her I will again go for a grown up not a baby and maybe I will be able to help another bird with similar issues,,,So to bfek,,,abez,,chloes mum,,pottys mum,,,MMM,,and all the rest that helped me last year A BIG HUG from me and a big KISSY (yes she blows kisses now) from Chloe....Take care and I will post again someday......

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