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Hi newbie here with my 4 birds

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Hi I'm new to this forun I have 1 yellow crowned amazon 1 African Grey 1 Fiery shouldered conure and 1 Green cheek conure All of my birds are rescued except my Green cheek conure he's my baby he's only 10 months old My amazon is 10 yrs old and swears like a sailor as she was raised in a house where there was a lot of fighting so if you raise your voice at all around her she start screaming obsenitys at rhe top of her lungs. she is very smart has a huge vocabulary and speacks in context when she talks. My African Grey was found in a back room of a crack house with a heavy blanket over him and water that didn't look like it had been changed in a week and a few seeds apperantly the guy how had her said the bird belong to his x girlfriend and she left the bird there when she moved out I paid $800.00 for her that included her cage. the papers that I could find laying around the house said she was born February 28th 2003. My Fiery shoulder Conure is 8 yrs old now and I got her when se was 2 I got her from some people that kept her locked up 24/7 in a tiny cage no toys and a totsl seed diet she was so scruffy looking she had chewwed all her wings and tail til there was nothing left to chew I asked if I could handle her and they said that I should buy a huge pair of gloves or she'll eat me alive she is now my vecro bird she is in full feather and when I'm not in the same room as she is she comes flying to find my and perches on my shoulder she loves to cuddle real close and get scritches on her little head.My Green cheek conure I got as soon as he was weined he has a great personality and can talk up a storm trys to say every thing I say and does I used to have a cat and sprout would meow just like the cat every time i heard that bird meow i woul get up and open the door thinking it was the cat wanting to come in then Sprout would laugh he has quite the sence of humor silly bird. anyway that my intro to me and my birds. Ialso have a squirrel that I rescued he fell out of his nest when he was just a tiny baby. I have 3 dogs a border collie, shith-zu, and a papion.and 5 kids and 1 grand child all my kids are grown except for my youngest daughter she's 12 yrs old



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Posted Image to the Parroty Place, Fergies-mom. Loads to share, learn and enjoy Posted Image


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You'll notice many of us have a photobucket link under our posts - Below is an easy how-to on setting pics and/or vids up to share with us all:


Here's our section of Information Topics:



Also a variety of topics you may like to wander through:



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Hi and welcome , i see you are from Canada.

Sorry for going off subject its just our daughter is emigrating to Canada she will be leaving England on the 16th November, i dont suppose she will be anywhere near you, they have bought a house in priddis Alberta.

Its great to see parroty people from all over the world :D

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