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New member looking for an amazon

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Hi my names Rebeccahh, im from York and i lost my amazon about 4 months ago now, i feel the time is right to extend my family to another baby amazon now - this site is great and i just wanted to say hello.

i love photography and hope to get some pics up soon and

Roz - your amazons look fab!

i put an advert in the wanted ads on birdtrek for a baby amazon but no replies! any way thanks :D:D

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Posted Image to the Parroty Place, Rroo. Loads to share, learn and enjoy Posted Image


Posted Image


You'll notice many of us have a photobucket link under our posts - Below is an easy how-to on setting pics and/or vids up to share with us all:


Here's our section of Information Topics:



Also a variety of topics you may like to wander through:



Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image



Thanks for the compliment on my two Amazons -- they are the light of my life Posted Image

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