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Never Wanted to Breed-------BUT?

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I have never really wanted to breed unless it was for the welfare of the birds in question.


3 years ago I rescued a stuning CAG who was sold as Male aged +- 4 years. Matey hyas been here almost 2 1/2 years. Everything has suggested to me that He was in fact a she although I have never DNA'd


Now Matey has taken to spending all her time at the bottom of the cage. It started with playing with foot toys and rolling on her back for a tickle. Which keeping in mind she was quite aggressive when collected was very rewarding.


Sorry need to get to the point.


Over the last 4 weeks Matey has been plucking small down feathers into one corner and now appears to be sitting on a toy, wings dropped protective to cover and will not move up to perch at night.



She allows me still to love and even to take the toy to clean, at which time she just moves on to anothert toy.


Am I being cruel by not putting her with a male? I am assuming this is normal nesting.


I only have 2 ***** among a group of hens. Each housed in their own cage. Would it be their presence that has triggered this?


Should I now try and socialize them?

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Certainly sounds like her hormones are saying it's nest time. As far as breeding that would be your choice as there's plenty to think about, age, future homes hand rear or parent rear, will the parents be able to parent rear, housing, flight, nestbox size/shape etc.etc.etc.


Then in the mean time, you'd have to "intruduce" the male & female, as they dont always get along, however with the 2 males (and a grey breeder could confirm this but) I'd be tempted to cage her in the middle of the two males and see if she prefers one or the other, i'e' sits to one side, and maybe answers calls from one or the other of the males.


In the meantime you may need to keep a close eye on her in case she gets eggbound.


Hope that helps.

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