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Poppy Pops

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I have not posted for a while...

Poppy is doing great and speaking loads now.


She is a right little attention seeker.

Her new favourite is to keep calling my name untill I answer...

Note the slightly annoyed tone she has learned from my other half(I do not often respond straight away :D )

Just waiting her to start saying NOTHING after I answer :roll:




She also demands Poppy come, Poppy come here etc. When she wants us to go to her or call her over...

In the clip she does not get called over so decides "Poppy wants eat" and goes to check her bowl...




Weird thing is she seems to prefer the other halfs voice and only says few things in my voice...

She really is such a clever girl and is starting to use the language she has learned to her advantage too and in appropriate times.


She asks to come out of her cage...

Telling herself off for doing something naughty...

Telling herself what a good girl she is after she gets a whistle right or does something we have asked her to do...

She flies upstairs and asks WHERES POPPY GONE?

Tells us she wants to eat and then goes to eat.

She also makes her own sentences up saying Poppy wants xxxxxx

Says NO to most questions you ask her, She is a teenager after all :D:D:D !

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