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Stapleford Parrot Cage

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i was aking you. the ones lower down are large cages. If you call them up they can give you some advice as to what to buy in that range.


I would go for as big a cage as you can afford. If its a compramise then try and get some more money togther. Its your birds home after all.

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Thanks Della sorry it's Friday!


Problem is I have two greys who share two separate cages so as big as possible is not an option as I still need to get in my living room. I did have a massive cage with the hope that one day they would share however this is not going to be an option and to be honest it was far too big they didn't like it and I ended up having to sell it at a fraction of the price.


So need to be certain this time or hubby will physically kill me. I'm looking for a big enough cage that I can have two of side by side as they are both in their cages during the day. My thoughts are that the Stapleford is too small however it has been fine for Jock whilst he has been a baby but I know now he needs something bigger and Cassie came with a cage which has been ok however for their crimbo they are getting two new cages.


There is just so much too choose from and it is difficult when you don't see them built up. :?

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