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Aviform products

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I've recently bought various aviform products. I intend to feed avigold daily in drinking water. The question I have releates to prosol and calciform. They say to feed "once or twice" weekly. The prosol clearly states not to mix with avigold. Has anyone ever mixed prosol and calciform as a once weekly tonic? Or do you think I should contact the manufacturer to be safe. Does anyone else use these three products?


Thanks nezzer.

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I use aviform supplements.



I don't use the prosol at all so can't help there.

The products I use are calciform, avigold in water once a week.

Vitacel on soft food/soaked seeds once a week.

Prolyte -C for times of stress, injury mostly for my finches and aviary birds.


As MMM says - If unsure contact the company.

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