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Hi all,


Miff here with my parrot "LB" (little Bob) Blue Fronted Amazon (3yr old)

Hand reared, being a bit naughty @ moment, screams at wife in morning (thought that was my job, "joke")


Any suggestions as to how to stop this newly found behaviour problem?


Just thought I would introduce, before asking questions.


How can I upload piccy of Birdy?






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Posted Image to the Parroty Place, Miffanwee. Loads to share, learn and enjoy Posted Image


Posted Image


You'll notice many of us have a photobucket link under our posts - Below is an easy how-to on setting pics and/or vids up to share with us all:



Here's our section of Information Topics:



Also a variety of info topics you may like to wander through:



Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image


Parrots naturally make more noise morning and evening .... in the wild this would be to call the flock together and reaffirm that they are a group.


The best way around this is to reply with a more pleasant whistle, word or sound and the bird should eventually learn that your flock uses that not screech-squawk as a flock greeting

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