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PEEK A BOOOO- Video added

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Poppy has learned to say Peek a Boo...

Well, eek a oo at the moment as Ps and Bs are still missing :D

Other half told me if I learn to speak english properly the parrot would too :oops: Honestly I do know how to say P&B, I think!

I have really concentrated on my PPPPeek a BBoo's and yesterday I heard a pEEK a POO :D


Must get the camera out to get a clip, she is soooo sweet with her eek a oo's


** I have now added a little clip in our PhotoBucket


Also it has been pointed out by few people that I do actually say Peek a poo myself :oops: so no wonder Poppy can't do it properly...

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Freddie's version is "peeeeeee boooooooooooooooo" no 'k's or 'a's and has been forever.......... the way they say it is the way you will say it forever.......... its out of respekt!! :)

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