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Oh the mess!

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I am busy surveying the joke that is my house: :shock:


The kitchen has a soaking floor after Blue the GW macaw had a bath in the sink. there is egg food all over the counter as Coral helped herself whilst I made their supper


The lounge has the remains of a till roll all over the floor, much fun was had by Max. There is scrambled egg on the floor next to Milller's stand as he likes to "clean up" by picking up any waste from his stand and chucking it off the side. On top of the door the paint is missing as Pip and Coral enjoy "chew the room" :o


The parrots bedroom has seed and pellets all over the floor from the "I'll put my beak in and chuck stuff everywhere "- that's nearly all of them! Plus there is the juice of fruits all up the wall. The ceiling has wallpaper hanging down where Max climbed up his toy and pulled it down. :twisted:


The stairwell has bits of wallpaper missing where Max grabs at it on the way down the stairs :evil:


And I am now going to clean up a nights worth of 6 birds poo!!!!!


Can anyone remind me why I love these birds??!!! :D


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