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advice needed about greys

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hey i am just looking 4 a bit of advice, i am gettin my baby grey this sunday and cnt wait, but we have be asked if it would be possible to take on some1s older grey at some point, i have posted a topic about this but htis is basically the story!


the 1st owner of rambo (the grey) has go 2 move 2 new zealand and has left him with her mum, but her mum is goin out to join then (within the next 2 years) so is looking for a new home. i had said, that is wasent a problem for use to have him, but they have been waiting to hear if they can take him over to newzealand, i did tell then due to bird flu there is no importing of birds into new zealand (so i have been told). but they wont listen! so she has just go 2 africa and has shipped the parrot to another person which is really annoying me as he will be getting confused and stressed!


anyway!! my question is!! if i was to get this parrot and it got on well with my new baby would it be possible to keep them in the same cage (as mine is huge) or is it best for them to have their own??


hope that all makes scence! lol!


mark :D

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It is always up to the individual birds whether they choose to get on or not and, even if they do, they may prefer to keep separate cages.

If they do like each other and wish to share a cage it is always better to buy a new one so it isn't seen as any particular birds' territory.


maybe have a read of this thread? ...



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