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cage help *update*... got 1... is it OK?

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I am going on honey moon on 13th April for 3 nights.... My friend is having my little timneh for me but she lives about 15 miles away and there is no way that i can get Spuds HUGE cage there.... even in my renault scenic.


Is a second cage a good Idea?

I was thinking something smaller.... that we can get to my friends when we need to.... we could also place this cage out on the decking so that he can join us for BBQ's in the garden etc....

I would need to get one soon so that he could get used to it before he has to live in it for a few days......


Can you see any major flaws in what I have just said?

Do you have any advice or recommendations?




I just got this one The cage and stand are seperate so...it is much easier to get around in the car... and get outside in the summer... should be delivered on Tuesday... do you think its OK?




Sorry it is a long link... Roz can shrink it if she likes :oops: I don't know how

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Go ahead you need to do this now so your bird gets used to it, and as you say if you make it special he will see that nice things happen when he goes in the new cage. For short periods I see nothing wrong in what you are planning. Maybe take him to your friends for the day in the new cage and let him be fussed by his adoptive family whilst there? Have a great honeymoon too.

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