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Advice when selecting CAG breeder

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Hi Everyone!


After careful consideration, my husband and I have decided to purchase an African Grey - we previously owned a much loved Grey until about 4 years ago when we sadly lost him.


I would really love some advice on how we go about selecting a caring, knowledgable breeder and what questions we should be asking of them before making a decision to purchase. For example, most people know that when looking for a puppy you ask to see it in it the environment it has been brought up in, with it's mother, and whether it has been vaccinated/microchipped etc.


Also should we be asking any questions re: medical history or health or the parents? Again using the dog analogy for example with German Shepherds it is usual to ask about the hip scoring of the parents, to guard against the possibility of hip dysplacia in later life.


Any advice - or indeed recommendations of specific breeders - would be much appreciated. We live in the South Wales area but are happy to travel anywhere in the UK if necessary to find the right breeder.


Thank you!

Alice Hopkins

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i think a lot of it comes down to common sense, if something doesn't feel right then it probably isn't.

any decent breeder wouldn't mind you coming to visit, asking questions etc, whether they've got babies or not.

also decent breeders will probably ask you lots of questions becuase they don't want their babies going to just anybody. a breeder that only seems interested in the money should be given a very wide berth.

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Guest Jane Doe



If a parrot is going to have hip dysplaysia/splay leg it will be like it from hatch, it doesn't come about later in life.

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welcome to the forum,

basicly as stephie has said, no one will mind you just going to visit even if you decide you dont want a grey from that particular breeder.

you should be asking things like..

have they been eating fruit and veg?

do you clip their wings? - i wouldnt go for any bird that has had its wings clipped -

are they fully weaned? - they need to be fully weaned before you bring them home

are they hand reared? parent reared? half half?


threeladdies on here breeds greys, her reputation is VERY good.. i hope she can also help on good points

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Thank you for the recomendation Brooke & Kev.


Questions to ask:


Are the babies closed rung?

Are they brought up in a family home or other?

How many breeding pairs do you have? This can contribute to the amount of time which is devoted to the baby.

Can we visit during handrearing?

Can we meet the parents?

Do we get a hatch certificate, photo album, exactly what does the baby come with etc.

Apart from being silly tame what other training does the baby receive i.e harness trainging, potty training stepping up, flying to call?

At what age are the babies removed from from their parents?

Do you provide after care support?

How are the babies fed ie spoon, syringe, crop fed.

What sort of cage, enviroment are the babies brought up in.

What are the babies fed.


These are just a few questions of the top of my head, hope they are of some help.

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The above covers most of the welfare issues but one thing that is very important is to ask if the breeders birds have been disease tested either the breeding stock or the baby, in particular for PBFD, there are a couple of threads on the forum where people have been effected by this disease and its almost impossible to treat, there are lots of other diseases that could be tested for but are generally treatable so its slightly less risky. Also the bird should be bright, lively and not have ruffled feathers, or mucky vent etc.

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Posted Image to the Parroty Place, Alicehopkins. Loads to share, learn and enjoyPosted Image


Posted Image


You'll notice many of us have a photobucket link under our posts - Below is an easy how-to on setting pics and/or vids up to share with us all:



Here's our section of Information Topics:



Also a variety of info topics you may like to wander through:



Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image


Although not quite specific to what you ask, you may find these worth a read?






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