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what cage is best for a hahns macaw?

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title says it all really.

i want to buy birdie a new cage. at the mo she's in what has always been our 'spare' cage but i don't like it. don't know why i just don't like it. so i want to buy her a new one.

i was thinking of a stamford 2 coz ilike the stamford cages but don't know if this will be too small for her.


any suggestions would be appreciated.

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i'll find a link for you from forbirds.com & see what you think.


the cage she's in now is basically the same as mogwais cage but it's not as good quality hence why it's always just been the 'spare'.

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The general rule about cage sizes is ...

~ the biggest you can afford

~ the largest you can fit in

~ ensure cage bar spacing is correct

~ make sure the door is big enough

~ check it'll be easily cleaned

(Very occasionally, there will be a bird who prefers a smaller cage and feels more secure, but this is rare)


There is also the consideration of how much time the bird will spend in a cage .... one used while the owners are out at work each day, for instance, needs to be much bigger than one that is used for a bird out most of the time (and so is a place to eat, sleep, and spend the odd few hours in when their humans are out)


See also ...




Be aware of ...




and here's our list of online suppliers known for good deals:







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i have 3 hahns one of them is in a oakham 2 link below


other one is in a orlando cage link below


the other one is in a haiti link below but this cage i dont like i am going to get him a new one


if you search round i am sure you may find some bargains on these cages this was just an idea

i did find a site saying the orlando wasnt any good for the hahns but there is no reason why they say this

hope this helps you slightly

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