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Stainless steel wire

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For a while I have been looking into getting some SS wire to make swings/toys and I JUST CAN NOT FIND ANY ANYWHERE!


I'm not sure I'm using the right word by googling it as SS wire. All I can find is the wire that can be used as a curtain rail etc. that has been made out of many small wires. What I'm trying to find is bendable one wire-wire :roll:

I do not know what it could be used in, where to look etc...


HELP, HELP clever people!

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Thank you for your replies and for Debs for sending some wire to me!!!

Unfortunately it was the wrong kind so I'm still looking.


I have e-mailed the company Stormbird suggested to see if they do wider wire they have on their web-page...


Would anybody know what I should be googleing when trying to find simple bendable wire. There is loads SS wires around but it is all cable made out of thin strands, not suitable for my swings...

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