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Hello, i'm a new person to this forum

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I just got a cockatiel 3 weeks ago. I picked it up from a parrot rescue place. The lady there mentioned that the cockatiel was 2 years old and I was a bit leary to take it because I figured that younger birds would train better.


She talked me into taking it. I had another cockatiel years ago that I trained and taught it a bunch of things and I thought that this one would be easy to train and I thought it would be a challenge. My previous bird was a baby when bought and he learned very quickly. I notice a big difference with this one. Even his singing...this one does not pick up as quick as the baby did.


After 3 weeks of having him, I am noticing that he is still quite vicious and still does not trust me.


I know that this bird has not been handled much from the previous owners. I have been playing with the bird. Introducing my hand slowly, giving him treats. Opening the cage and having him come out and then I have a hard time getting him back into the cage when I want him toogo back in. My spouse and I have tried to use the perch to try and get him to go onto it. He attacks the perch and steps over it each time.


I have no choice but to use a winter glove to pick him up because sometimes he flies to the floor and it's very hard to get him back up.


While picking him up with the glove I sat down with him on my chest and tried to pet his head, neck and slowly I didn't need to use the glove and he was gentle and sleeping. I did that for almost 2 hours and when I slightly move his body at all..he he comes out of his trans of relaxation and started biting and his vicious side comes out again. I then tried to pet him slowly after he calmed down with my finger...(very slowly) like barely moving to see what he would do to my finger. He would nip my nail. Eventually, he let me get a little closer each time and nipped less but, I still have not been able to touch him without nipping.


If anyone has any input that would help, it would be fantastic.



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I think you are making great progress considering it has only been 3 weeks.

I've found that even seriously tame birds can go into overload and even bite if you tickle them too long. Perhaps keep these sessions shorter so you can end on a happy note?

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Hi and welcome!!!


I think you are doing well... especially considering it isn't a young bird and it's only been 3 weeks!


Do you know if the cockatiel has always been kept in a cage?

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