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  1. I got mine from http://www.midlandparrots.com Its an hours drive from Coventry and all their contact details and address are on the website. I got one bigger than the one in the photo but its well worth getting the next size up for a £10 difference. its light and easy to carry and fits in the car too. I think it cost either £45 or £55. It was very close to that price. You can order it online, or drop into the shop and pick the exact one you want. The shop keepers are fabulous. I love spending time there and their parrot toy selection is amazing! I bought my Hahns macaw from that shop, along with everything else he owns bar 3 toys out of many xD Highly recommended. Also, if you are going up for the day check out Tropical birdland (http://tropicalbirdland.com/) , a local zoo-type place full with birds including ones that are free flying that you can feed! I've been there and it was a very exciting day. Thats probably about 20 minutes away from midland parrots and well worth a visit if you love parrots.
  2. Yep, he's a right sweetie. Hes getting quite good at the kissing sounds, and the clicks are perfect. The rest needs work but he's just picking it up as we go along and, I thought 6 months was around the time they start talking? ah well. I've still got more to learn ^.^ I've got the main basics and picking up extras as we go.
  3. Thanks for the information nice to have some easy links to follow up.
  4. Yay! my new hahns macaw is having a conversation with us, still a little unclear but I can tell he is saying: Hello pretty boy what cha doin'? clicking sounds (copying us) come here kissing sounds so sweet! I've had him err... one week now? but he is 6 months old. what a sweetie! he will normally say the odd word every now and again, but this is the clearest yet! *excited* hopefully it'll only get clearer. He is now sat preening himself after that Next time I'll try and record it!
  5. Hello! I recently got a six month old Hahns macaw. Poor little guy was given up by his previous owners after only one month! They swapped a pionus for him because he can learn to talk, then decided he wasn't talking enough and wanted to swap him for an african grey to which the shop keeper refused sale, bought the hahns off him and sold it to me. He is in good condition, but loves to run up to my shoulder if given half a chance xD I spent some time with the bird in the shop then a couple days later brought him home. he's settled in well and readily steps onto anyone's hand which is a great start for training. he was preening and was out of the cage even on his first day here so things are looking good so far. petting wise, he doesn't seem keen but if I catch him scratching his own neck he'll let me take over. Thats a start I guess =3 I hope to trick train him so we can spend interactive time together rather than just having him in the room although I am still pondering on how I want to do it. I guess I am going to try without a clicker and see how things go. and, out of the bird context, I enjoy quite a few hobbies including painting and drawing, Asian ball-jointed dolls(BJDs), falconry / Birds of prey, Kite flying, sport whip cracking, fire poi and other circus skills. so, quite a little variety there. Any bird guidance is highly appreciated. I've done quite a bit of research but theres no harm in doing more! This is my first bird, so I'm open to any handy tips. Even repeating something I know already will do because at least then I know that other's use that technique too. Thanks all! ~Christina
  6. I'm still learning but you are correct. This is trick training for bonding, and so that we can interact and have more fun. Thanks for the wishes of luck. Hopefully everything will work out alright Feel free to give any more tips you think are useful ^^
  7. LaurulFeatherCat - I don't think he's obese or anything. He probably just enjoys crumbling the cubes. I guess I can put up with that. and yes, I do realise that most birds are messy and will toss stuff out of the cage he was partly on a seed diet (low sunflower) before I got him, but now I am getting him to eat organic pellets but i'm watching to make sure he actually eats some of it and not just crumbling them up for fun. i'm sure even when crumbling them hes probably eating at least a small amount. I may consider trying the fine ones, but I think he'll like the coarse ones more because it's fun to eat. I'm giving him veggies and fruit for breakfast / dinner so thats something. Basically i'd read that you can do a training diet where you weigh the amount of food given at the beginning of the day and then weigh it again at the end to see how much is consumed. after repeating this several times to get an accurate amount you then take out a small proportion of it and feed that as treats etc for training so that the bird is a little peckish - hungry enough for a snack but certainly not starving. but, seeing as I can't tell anyway I will probably take the approach Greg has suggested. Find what he really loves, then offer small amounts as a reward, and only as a reward. ^^ I bought some almonds today, along with some other goodies to give a go at I'll try the mixed bowl thing once I know he has tried all the treats first and has a good idea of what they taste like. it makes sense to me he knows the treats first, before picking the favorite out of the bowl. oh, and hes fairly new. Once my insurance paperwork comes through the post in a day or two i'll be looking at getting a general avian vet check-up or something to see how things are. he is only 6 months old so still quite young (its a hahns macaw). thanks everyone for the helpful comments by the way ^.^
  8. Hello! I was thinking of putting my new hahns macaw on a trick training diet, where I take out a a couple of grams from the total food he eats per day, and give that as treats for tricks. but I have a problem. My issue is that some of the pellets I give him he likes to just crumble up into dust and drop it all on the floor. This means I cannot actually tell how much he is eating. have you got any suggestions to stop this? it's also a waste of food :< (by the way, they're organic harrison's pellets)... that, or he'll make birdie soup by tossing them into his water and then leave them. because of all this, I cannot work out how much he eats in a day. He will eat them but its hard to tell. At the least he does get fruit / veggies. My other idea is perhaps to do some training in the morning? I know he'll eat a little then. but that limits my training time. Any ideas? ~Thanks!
  9. I've found and bought a wonderful hahns macaw. I suppose it was technically adopted. The previous owner originally had a pionus for two years and complained it wasn't talking and so swapped it for the hahns macaw that they had for about one month then wanted to swap him again as he wasn't talking enough :/ this was for an african grey, to which the shop keeper refused to sell another and bought the hahns off him, and sold it to me. I sat playing with him for about 3 hours then returned 2 days later to buy him ^.^ He's in great condition though at only 6 months old with beautifully shinny feathers and on the first day here I could get him to step up and he was happily beak grinding and preening he already also knows beak pressure which is good too, as i get to keep my fingers ^.~ he also appears to be pretty well socialized and will willingly step up onto strangers. oh, and his wings were clipped but i shall use that as an opportunity to train him then let them grow out in the next moult and work from there. Thankyou very much for all the helpful comments. I have been researching for a while now, so i've a fairly good idea of what I'm doing. No harm in learning more though! he does seem fairly well settled already but i'll be sure to keep that research going.
  10. Hello, I am currently looking to buy my first parrot but deciding which one is proving difficult. I have interacted with a few different types of parrots before and have read in many different places for information and ideas. I am trying to gather as much as I can, and any advice you can give here would be fantastic - thankyou! The types I am looking at: Hahns macaw Senegal Caique things I am looking for in the bird~ I need a bird that doesn't mind change as I will be moving house and also going away about once a month for a couple of days. I plan to socialize the bird with friends and visits to a parrot club in the hope it will be more settled with this. I am looking for one that will learn tricks and like cuddles. I would like the ability to talk to, but it is not essential. I am already aware that the medium sized ones I am looking at are not fantastic talkers like the larger species. I am willing to buy loads of toys to keep the parrot entertained, and so that we can play together. But I cannot guarantee the time I will have each day so I need the bird not to be too demanding but still happy to play when the time is there. I will be saving my evenings from when I get home from work every day for parrot interaction time. The likelyhood is that in the future I will be getting more parrots. there are so many that I love but right now I need to get a good starter so I can move on to others a few years down the road. oh. I am also planning to keep the bird flighted. It doesn't need to be a fancy flyer but it would be great to know how these 3 (senegal / hahns / caique) react to being flighted in a house. do they fly around alot or just a bit when they feel like it? Feel free to suggest other parrots to look into (but I have already considered quakers and rainbow lorikeets) --------- Heres some questions I also have. If you can answer and give your opinions It'd be appreciated. Will a hahns macaw be as playful as the other two? I love how they roll on their backs. I have heard hahns macaws are quite cuddly, but are the other two? A senegal seems to be the best at tricks, but could the other two be just as good with training? Could you tell me their talking abilities? As far as I know, the hahns seems to be best, with the other two learning a small amount. Will all three of these birds accept a second bird into the home at a later date, if properly introduced? How well do they react to change? (i.e. moving house) What are these birds like when flighted?
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