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  1. what a great aviary! Has the willow survived?
  2. Hi, going to buy Bill a new cage, i want a playtop cage and was wondering what the best one is?? I was looking at the Montana Hacienda or the Rainforest Santos Playtop. Any other suggestions? Cheers
  3. Thanks David, will have a look for this once i start hacking it down.
  4. How did you get on with your handrearing, im looking for any advice as im sure the lovebirds will breed this year and want to know what to do incase anything goes wrong!
  5. About to chop down some Leylandii trees in the garden, are the branches and green safe to put in the aviary of lovebirds??
  6. Roost boxes worked, although they are making nests of them , is this going to be a problem? ie, will they lay eggs in this type of nest box, if so will they be safe??
  7. Hi, there food is already indoors, no food outdoors at all! Have added roost boxes today , see if that starts to work. fingers crossed!
  8. Typical, now I have a light indoors , none are going in!
  9. Clayton do you keep lovebirds in an aviary? If so do you heat it through the winter?
  10. Ok, Some modafications to the aviary done so hopefully no more accidents, a light added to the internal section , now just need to find some finch boxes, then i might sleep better tonight!
  11. When you say partially open do you mean like a finch box?
  12. I saw one in the summer for sale in a pet shop in Crews Hill, didn't look very happy to be there but can't imagine any of the birds and animals are happy in the shops round there.
  13. Yeah will have a check of aviary tomorrow, never liked rings on them for these sort of reasons. Just wondering wether I should light my aviary at all , it has an indoor part of 4ft x 4ft x 5ft, which is where I wanted the birds to go at night as there are no nest boxes up yet, but only half go in at night! Would it be a good idea to light it so they go in when it's dark.?
  14. Early start tomorrow, need to get into aviary and see if I can work out how it got itself stuck, don't need that happening again, makes me feel bad for keeping them.
  15. Have got him to the vets, and had to be put to sleep. Sad day.
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