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  1. Hi I can tell you that Hammerite can be painted over rust but they themselves do not recommend using it with any pet. Depending on how bad the rust is I would wire brush the rust off. Cold tea is also supposed to aid rust removal. Kerosene can also be used but as with the hammerite, I would not use this as I wouldnt think it would be very good if any traces were left behind. Sorry for all the "what you cant/shouldnt use". You can get child safe paint which should be fine but I would check the tin to make sure it wont run in the rain. If paint is safe it has a little picture of a person on it. Hope some of that helps?!
  2. Looking better than they were. Lot less wet. Starting to get back to normal.
  3. Thanks everyone. Vet has now just rang me and said lab results arent back yet. Antibiotic has to be his only source of drinking water. He munching away on some apple and melon at the mo so should get some nice juice from that. He was a little like the old Louie when i opened his food bowl by pecking at me so thats looking good. If he gets no better over the wkend he has told me to call a lad in Paignton. Im giving him daily essentials and have some palm oil. Do I need to get probiotic as a liquid/powder or is a probiotic yoghurt ok?
  4. He was fine on it for 36 hours before he was sick and he was sick 3 times at about 11pm. Hasnt been sick since, drinking the water and eating fine. The water is baytril enrothroxacin. That was injection too.
  5. He regurgitates for my partner when he his well. But thanks for the info. Only trouble is while he is being sick,he is chucking the anti-biotics out of his system.
  6. Is it normal for my African Grey to vomit? I know is not very well and is on anti-biotic water but last night he vomited 3 times which he has not done before. He hasnt done it since. Waiting for the vet to call me back at the mo as I wanted to check. Someone said it was very uncommon for this to happen. He doesnt seem to be getting better as yet after a shot and 2 days of anti-biotic water. Still eating and drinking fine. :cry:
  7. Ha I have realised that and I secretly love it..but dont tell his Dad!lol
  8. OOh sorry, I told a white lie...it was £31. Had to correct myself. Think I can get the shoes too after all!!! Only joking.
  9. Mmmn. Have been excited about receiving Louie's new vitamin treats I happily spent 40 english notes on, the postie knocked on the door. He gave me a box approx 10"x8". Inside the box was a mound of bubble wrap neatly wrapped around the 4 items of what could have been real gold as opposed to parrot gold. Admittedly when i look at the amounts of the product I usually compare it to my shampoo bottles but it still didnt seem to register. I am now going to carry them all in my coat pocket and guard them with my life. I have calcivet, palm oil, daily essentials vits, and some concentrate avisafe. Its a good job I love my Prince of Darkness more than shoes!
  10. Thanks, I just looked in technical and read that about an old post. Not working. Ill try logging out and back in. Abc get your photobucket done quick sharp.lol.
  11. Something in the air I think. Partner and kids are the same at the mo. Parrot is not biting at the mo though so I think everyone has gone mad!! Its great that she let go though. Will try that one myself.
  12. Hi I went to show my friend your photo but its gone. Come back Brian pleeeeease. I want to make her jealous.
  13. Ill 2nd 3rd and 4th that. What a beautiful looking bird. My friend breeds them. She has about 20 and Ive never seen one so gorgeous.
  14. Hi I may be speaking out of terms but Ive read somewhere that Pretty Boy food is a no go. If you check the ingredients there were a few un-recommended things in there eg artificial flavour or colour. It could be wrong info but I definately read it. Please correct me if anyone things thats wrong.
  15. Hi Paul. You should have cracked on earlier. Learnt more in the last 36 hours than the last 32 years.lol. You sound like ur experience will be invaluable. Tidy! (sorry couldnt resist)
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