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  1. I'm still with Golden Valley (even though they're now managed by the same people that manage Exotics Direct) - do they not accept new clients anymore?
  2. That's great, it's so nice for them to have company from a young age
  3. I think Terry still does boarding in the New Forest http://newforestparrots.webs.com
  4. ria


    If you're stuck, I think Terry still does boarding in the New Forest http://newforestparrots.webs.com
  5. (I can't seem to post in the seasonal greetings section at all - perhaps an admin can move this there, please?) Haven't been on lately but will catch up with the forum when I have more time - until then, a very Merry Christmas to you all, and I hope next year will be a great one!
  6. For anyone with severe asthma or severe dust issues, an air purifier in the bedroom would be a good idea regardless of any parrots. The more quiet ones may work for keeping on during the night, but if not, just leave it on during the day and turn off at night.
  7. I think anyone who is sensitive to durst in general will be sensitive to parrot dust - if you're truly allergic, it's a completely different matter and much more difficult to deal with. But as the air purifiers reduce dust, there will be less of it. And, they'll keep the air a bit cleaner in general. We've got two very dusty species, but despite asthma and dust sensitivity and various pollen etc allergies, it's been no problem (so far, at least). They do clog up the air purifier filter quickly, though
  8. Children grow up and leave home, but Pidgee will, health permitting, be with you and be totally dependent on you for the most part of the rest of your lives. Something to consider when it comes to a few stressful weeks/months - it's a drop in the sea of a parrot's lifetime, after all. But, I'd put the air purifier in the room where Pidgee is most and put it on the auto setting (think we've got the same one as yours), and leave it on all the time, even during the night. The auto setting will allow the air purifier to run in quiet mode when there isn't as much air pollutants, and then increase as it senses something in the air (dust, odour, etc). You could also get some for the rest of the house, in particular for the rooms where the kids sleep. I don't know anything about parrot dust and newborns/children (and not sure how the doctor could pinpoint the parrot dust as the cause? Sounds like a convenient, though not unlikely, excuse.), but decent air purifiers are very effective.
  9. Forgot to say that we've had Pandora the Grey's calcium levels tested yearly - obviously, if they go down or if she starts laying eggs, we'd consider supplementing. But so far, her diet has been enough
  10. We don't give them any supplements (unless you count pellets which are obviously supplemented). We did give them AviPro for a while during and after a course of antibiotics.
  11. Scarlett's (see the link to travel cages) do AS5 and a lot of other Avian Specific mixes. Like brugge says, you can pretty much use anything as a sprouter (ie where the mix is laid to sprout). I use one of these and love it: http://amazon.co.uk/dp/B001ILWLRU I don't use the rinse function on it, it's much more effective to use a sieve for rinsing.
  12. When I was little, we did the tree a few days before Christmas. Now, we put lights and stuff up on the first Advent Sunday (today!)
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