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  1. parrots are fantastic house guest, entertaining, amusing loving (at times!) but they have 2 main draw backs. 1/ they produce a lot of white dust and love throwing food ect everyware so if you're house proud you're going to be cleaning non stop every day, youre furniture will look like moths have been at it with holes everyware. 2/ they dont have a volume or of button, when youre talking to freinds they fell left out and go louder till they are center of attention, phone calls in the same room as the parrot can be imposible as they take over the conversation either with calls talking or whistles. theres a story someware on this forum that explains living with a parrot thats spot on. but if you can ignore the above then they realy do make a great adition to any house.
  2. bought paulm nut oil from local asian cash/carry £1.59 for a big tube
  3. Hi Derek, the previous owner had them in cubes. I thought i'd seem palm oil in the asian cash and carry, i'll have a look later today. there spending a bit more time out of the nest box now (feeding/preening) but obviously when they hear you they dive back into the box, my 1 regret is i didn't fit a nest box cam when i built the next box just out of curiosity and obviously i'd know whats going on (eggs/chicks) without disturbing them.
  4. greta thanks i'll look into getting some. they realy seem to have settled well, eating plenty although i never see them as when i go in to feed/clean their in the box.
  5. 6ft high x 6ft long x 4ft wide.
  6. she was cutting down on big birds and concentrating on smaller ones due to time, she had several pairs of greys there including some 9 week old babies as well as amazons and an assorment of smaller parrot types and lots of pictures of babys she'd bred. she's offord advice if needed and support so seems like a very genuine lady unlike many i had trying to sell me birds that had been sexed using old wives tails and almost bald birds. had the birds 3 days they are eating well and seem very happy in themselves, calling ect. if the naibours didnt know i had them before they do today LOL good job ive good naibours) thanks claytonfarlow, i'm going to a local indian supermarket in the hopes they will have palm nuts in? we've two big asian cash and carrys nearby so hopefully one will have them in or the palm nut oil at least. they are eating the cooked and soaked pulses ect fruit and tropical parrot mix. their having a small sprinkling of calcium/vitamin powder every other day and have two cuttle fish in with them. just want to be sure i'm missing nothing.
  7. cheers mate i'll do that with the next batch.
  8. I recently joined the forum after being a lurker for a while, anyway for around 10 years ive fancied having a go at breeding greys, over the years ive bred various birds from finches to cockatiels, so the natural progression seemed to be try breeding parrots. after a lot of looking and many attemps by dodgy people to try and sell me gaurenteed pairs that had been sexed using magnets? and other old wives tails, I finaly found a fully feathered dna sexed proven pair that look fantastic perfect feathers bright clear eyes/nose smooth beaks and were only too happy to tell me off when i was looking over them. apparently they had 2 clutches last year 1 was clear the 2nd clutch fertile, i've no reason to doubtv the lady as she was very hounest not at all just after a quick sale and get you out had masses of pictures of previously bred babys ect ect (she might be on here but i never thought to ask as i was like a kid in a sweet shop especialy after seeing her 9 week old baby greys from another pair. so they are now safely installed in a very large breeding cage in a spare bedroom thats just for them and my tortoise incubator so minimal distrubance. they have a 12x12x24 nest box made out of 16mm ply with a 5" access hole, their food at the moment consists of a good tropical parrots mix with the usual pepers/dry bannana ect ect. fresh fruite, cooked pulses, they have several peices of cuttlefish in the cage and will have calcium powder and vitamin powder every other day sprinkled on their food. so my question am i going in the right direction or is there anything else i need to supply ect. i realise an outside avery would be best BUT with a convicted dog theif 3 doors away i dont want to tempt him?. any advice suggestions greatfully recieved. i intened to hand rear the babys having hand reared bugies/cockatiels and even a canary when it was rejected by its mum from 2 days old now that was hard work.
  9. thanks everyone, picking up a lot of advice.
  10. had a grey from a baby till my son was born 12 years ago which i had to rehome as it was very jealous of my son (well anyone realy that dared to come near me! wife, dogs)and it couldnt be trusted so started spending more and more time locked in its cage so I rehomed it as it hated being locked up as it had always been allowed free reign 24 hours a day till that point. ive got finches/canaries at the moment but im on the look out for a pair of greys to hopefully breed and then hand rear my own baby, ive handreared budgies,canaries, cockatiels in the past so it seems the natural progressment, or might just buy a baby in but realy fancy the chalenge of breeding my own.
  11. Been lurking for a while thought it was time I joined.
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