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  1. We've lost two parrots and never got them back. While there might always be hope and there are techniques for regaining the lost parrot, it is the mechanism of losing the parrot in the first place that concerns me. Going to the dustbin, unlocked feeding doors etc are burnt into my mind. There must be more actual instances of the 'losing mechanism'. I suppose I'm searching for hazards for a Risk Assessment. Then live and breath the 'control measures'. Look after your parrots and don't be slack or complascent like me. Good Luck. Cheers Tim
  2. Greg, Good Point. I have often wondered why a bird even when nervous, excited and/or frightened wouldn't fly down to a familiar voice. Training the bird to fly to you on request seems to over come any reluctance to be saved. This must be a high priority task with a Parrot I think - after not losing it in the first place of course. Cheers Tim
  3. Hello and thanks for your replies. Timneh, Your right. These are horrible momments to analyse but they do have some value I think. For instance we bought the fish from a local supermarket and I can't pass that counter without thinking what happened. Cooking smelly food might lead to opening the back door and...... There must be other examples, building work, relatives delivering something and letting themselves in, mowing the lawn and needing an internal socket, a knock at the door etc. There must be many seemingly insignificant senarios which have led to disaster. I suppose this is Hazard Awareness and recognising the potential is to be fully armed. It is the detail that feels important to me, the smelly fish wrappers... etc I'm hoping for a database of real examples that will worry and alert the happy and maybe complacent parrot owner. Forwarned is for-armed and all that. As for the NPS I wasn't aware of any problem at the time but in mitigation M'Lud I still think it was the right thing to do. It was a very unhappy Senegal. Not particularly aggressive but no ability to play or amuse itself or be amused. Everything about the purchase was wrong, impulsive purchase, dodgy market petshop and seemingly traumatised parrot. We were making progress but it was one step forward,one step back. I felt he would be much happier at the sanctuary and still do despite its reputation on this forum. Timneh, The Finches are doing fine. If you can remember the photos there was a large Crassula in the conservatory and they spend a lot of time in there and have now built a nest. I grab handfulls of old grass and cut them up and away they go. All of a sudden it's like they have something to do. They're no bother to look after but to be honest they are like a feathered goldfish compared to an in your face companion parrot. Hope people write in and we end up with a list of situations that owners can recognise before it becomes too late. Cheers Tim
  4. Poeple, I have had three parrots. One was given to the Parrot sanctuary near Skegness, the other two were lost. This was several years ago but I still pause whilst typing this. My point is to post the 'Failure Mechanism' of losing a parrot. I've never lost a parrot through an open window, if there are free flying parrots in the house- don't have open windows. Done. So how are parrots lost. Here's how I lost the best things I've had. I have no parrot now. Don't ever lose a parrot. 1. Bought some fresh fish from Asda. Walks outside to dustbin with smelly wrappers with parrot on shoulder. 2. Spouse failed in attempt to move parrot from one cage to another in garden. To be honest I have moved the parrot cage outside only to find unlocked doors etc but got away with it. Not being SLACK will go along way to save your parrot. Please post on how your parrot was lost. Don't ever lose your parrot.
  5. Some pix of the new cage. It's awkward to see but there is a small twiggy branch stuck in the top which is springy and it swings about. They love this. They are getting better at going back to the cage. It just takes a while for them to recognise the opening in the new cage. There is just a suggestion the whitey may be curious about me. Will fly straight to me then will buzz away as if losing its nerve. Thanks to all for the replies. tim
  6. Three males! I'd just assumed that the whitey was a lass. I never even bothered checking. !!! Feel daft now. The conservatory is south facing but can still get very hot especially early morning if the door to the house is shut. I need to have them in the cage so I can open the door and kill the temperature. Can't afford to get this wrong on a sunny day. What about winter in the conservatory though? There is a radiator in there but is chill in winter. I need a minimum temp for the winter months. For ..er...three male Zebs..... tim
  7. Bakewell, Not sure about the details of the colouring as I don't know what I'm looking for/at. I'm sure the pix came out much bigger last night but they do seem a bit pokey today. Was it last nights wine? Will look again in a bottle's time post back in Polish or Serbo-Croatian. Things are calming down here and will try to get them into the big cage when spouse goes to Northern Cyprus tomorow. Will feel a bit more happy spending some time with them whilst getting them into some routine i.e. baiting the cage with millet. A week ago they would fly to the far end of the cage when approached but they seem much less nervous now. Will get up to some mischief with spouse away! Shivvym, they are very attractive. It's like some one has painted them. A perfect tiny paint job, at 100 mph. If I can get them tame I will be chuffed. I'm feeding them Dandylion leaves from the garden, fixed to the cage with clothes pegs. Half ragged, half eaten. Will try with salad leaves in due course. Will let you know if I have Zebs in the conservatory, house or cage later on. tim
  8. Ok, this link may work. lets see. BTW hopping about the garden whilst the Zebs were catching some UV there was this big long legged sparrow thing. Took a while but we think it's a young Thrush. Never seen so many Thrushes as this year but chuffed to see a young'un. Had great fun taking pix of the Zebs. 50% of the pix were of an empty cage. They are so fast! If the link doesn't work your not missing much. tim http://s1141.photobucket.com/albums/n587/corvuspb/
  9. Linzy, Bleach in birdies food? Eh? Will try sprouting my foreign finch food in due course. My sparrows will love it no doubt. Struggling with the photos tho'. tim
  10. Thanks for the replies folks. Linzy I've noticed they are keen on the millet so using it as a 'cage bait' is a good idea. Will experiment with this. They are chipping away at the cuttlefish but haven't seen them showing any interest in the mineralised oyster shell grit sandy stuff. Seems reasonable to me. How often with the smashed up egg? I read somewhere( I think) that fresh greens/fruit encourages racy behaviour. Can I discount this? And lastly, before I spread my limited interlect too thinly in google-world, can you recommend a suitable sprouting seed for Finches? I estimate that approaching 100% of my sprouts ended up on the lawn. Bakewell I've enough on my plate with three of the little nutters so I'd struggle with more. I do have an outside aviary but Zebras are so small I would have to pretty much re-jig the whole thing. And after all, ideally I want a house pet. Having said that if another girlie zeb would help the group dynamics then I would have to consider it. They will be going into a cage 110cm high x 75cm x 60cm. Is this ok for 3/4 Zebs? Your right, they are little crackerjacks, great fun. Well I'm sure sure your post made sense, It's just that I didn't understand a word of it. I tend to drift off if a word has too many syllables. I once learned wheelbarrow but... ....zzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cheers tim ps a busy weekend coming up but will send some pix as soon.
  11. Just visited the Featherd Flyer website. How good is that! And there is Bakewell asking about something I don't understand!! Fancy that. I'm feeling a bit more comfortable now but just two questions. If I keep to seeds and no nest site, will this disuade them from breeding. Grit. does this really go on the cage floor along with the poo? cheers tim
  12. thanks for the reply bakewell, I'd missed the Feathered Flyer website. I'll go there next. I've already let them fly about and and they were fine but if I had to force them back into the cage there would be problems I think. As it is they make their way back into the cage themselves which is a real bonus. I seem to have an older/bigger male, a younger/smaller more jumpy male and a female who is well cool. There doesn't seem to be any problem between them at the moment. I've seen perches of 5mm to 3/8" advised so natural branches seems a good move. I have a bigger cage ready for the weekend so will experiment then. for tiny things they seem quite happy with what's going on so yes, I will be keeping them. cheers tim.
  13. Evening All, It's only just occured to me now that this may not be the correct site to advise on finches but anyway, here goes. E-mail at work asking for a home for three rescued Zebra Finches. They were being kept in a cellar. To cut a long story short they are here and peeping merrily. I think. Had a horrible horrible 20 minutes transfering them to a clean cage but it's over now. There origional cage feels like a health hazard to me never mind the birds. Anyway I have some new 'Foreign Finch Food' and millet. What next? I'm about to jump into the internet but any advice will be welcome e.g. Bedtime? When should I cover them up in the evening, or should I? Fresh foods? Any suggestions? Perch diameters, mine seem too big. I'd love them to have an hour out of the cage but hate the stress of getting them back in. Having said that I only put one in just now, the other two eventually landed on the cage and I opened the top and they eventually hopped in. A result. Any advice will be helpfull. cheers Tim
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