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  1. ok all good points thanks, but ive gone for the quiko one as said has been around a while so should be ok, granted poss not as good as the calcivet as it has a high % of water but hey its less than half the price and its better than using none at all to be on the safe side. may give that osteocare ago next time though but already ordered my quiko one from rob Harvey.cheers
  2. ive just seen a brand called Quiko Liquid Calcium which is less than half the price than calcivet, any know if it is as good?
  3. anyone one know the cheapest place for calcivet? last one I got was 8.50 for 100ml and doesn't last long,so looking for a bigger bottle poss a 1 ltr one cheapest I can find is £49 must be able to get cheaper than that.
  4. ok cheers ill get a few of them, ill get them from rob harvey as putting an order in for food and a few bits and bobs soon,cheers
  5. ok ill see what i can do ill have to have a re-design of my shed its only a 8x6 so not much room ill make sure they dont see each other tho save problems down the line. where did you get them cages from if you dont mind? i can see the 30inch ones on ebay but not the 24inch,rob harvy have some but not sure if the same as there pic int that good. cheers
  6. ive got room for 6 cages one side (they wont be able to see each other) then on the other side was going to but 6 more..... but they will be a 4foot gap from the 6 cages on the other side, so could see each other but they 4 foot away. thats a no no then? :-\
  7. hi bakewell nice set up!! i was going to get these cages, what are they 30ins or 24? Are they anygood? might get some of them for my young though .can’t see your boxes on are they not in the pic, in the end ive decides to make my own i have the wood and the fronts etc just in middle of putting it together. dam i designed mine for the boxes to go at the side i was only thinking of having only parrotlets so do you think a 4 foot gap between them would cause problems? Or 4 foot far enough away? as ill have a waste of space opposite in my room otherwise, but if will cause problems then might have look into other birds opposite. So with your young ones that you have taken out you keep males in separate cages than your females?
  8. ok thanks rubytoo hopfully she will have the answer to my question then im getting pacific parrotlets i have two but on the look out for more
  9. Any one breed parrotets? I’m going to be keeping these soon but what i have read they can be kept in the same room as they like to hear each other but not be able to see each other, the cages in my room are opposite each other but 4feet apart will this cause problems or is this distance ok?
  10. yes great little bird loud but full of fun,only six month old but very tame and trying to talk, already wolf whistles. i was unsure of his age at 1st even tho i was told he was last years was still unsure.he got a number 10 at the end of his number on his ring was told this was the year he was born,it that true??
  11. well after a lot of reading ive gone for a quaker got him the other day and hes great very very tame! i know they not the clearest of talkers but still a great little bird.
  12. not really i think if you put the time in with the right one it should be tame enough.just wanted to know which is the best bird to train ie you can with a grey or a amazon (as it has ben done by lots) and there are others that you got no chance. like dogs police use GSD as they easy to train they would'nt SBT as they harder to train.so the the simple question i was asking which is the best/easy to train to tame/talk? but yes your forgiven
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