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  1. Jebirds - don't blur things, I asked to come back at any level. As I said then I know from my experience here as an Admin that you could easily have given me access to the Info section alone ... exactly what I was hoping for. I'm not going on with this, I've already made a fool of myself for making several posts after I said I wouldn't but I am (as I hope comes across) very hurt by a certain posters' accusations of me being a rambling mad woman - hurt most of all that that was not moderated but left for all to see. Luckily I still have life left in me and I want to draw a line here and move on to my next interest (Terratagging) forum etc ... just as well because I am banned here by not being able to login
  2. Okay, one last post by me (Roz) If I'm not banned then how come I cannot sign in as MadMudMob or the name it was changed to in the Infos, Roz Woolcock? Perhaps you'd prefer me to say I was locked out via the backdoor but the truth is I'm not allowed in. And don't get me started on those people I considered personal friends who stood by and said nothing certainly not give me support or even a kind word. So, maybe it wasn't you personally, David, but it was done and you did nothing to stop it
  3. I'm sorry - I allowed her to make one post but neither she or I want to say anything else.
  4. As MadMudMob is now effectively banned (you changed her name so she has no password to enter) she has asked me to allow her use of my account to pop a post to expressing that she agrees with Mike K in his considered opinion of GG: I would remind readers that it was standing up to voice my no-positive view of GG (and expressing that as an honest swear-free opinion) that started me being pushed away here, dismissed it could be said. Suddenly receiving no support and derision via the PM system. The forum chose GG above and beyond me ...... filled up my usefulness here perhaps? Seems different from the view being put across that all opinions are welcome here. I just hope some of you get to read this before it magically disappeared as my other posts have. Finally, I want you all to know I have huge regard for June, her charity and all she does (such a shame I am no longer allowed to help here in my own small way by adding to the Info *sigh*
  5. I will be telling mmm shes a liar! and this isnt a friendly place for newbies or those needing help. As I said in one of the removed posts I have done a search here and on other uk forums and clipping seems a horrible thing to do and I wont be doing it!
  6. I forgot to add that mmm had a near fatal heart attack recently and is lucky to still be with us which is probably why she wasnt up to giving me the good advice first hand
  7. Now Ive read up some more I can see that the americans clip birds for any reason and yes I agree with mmms link. All it would have taken was a few friendly words when I came here. Imagine if Id taken the advice on that american forum!!
  8. what a rude and nasty bunch some of you are! Mmm told me Id be welcomed here and what a friendly place this is but all Ive had is an interragation and sarky comments. I dont know what Ive landed in the middle of but it sure aint my problem I came here expecting to find mmm here as she recomended it and all Ive had is grief apart from a couple of you who seem friendly
  9. mmm is someone Ive spoken to on a forum not a real life friend. Anyway, I went to an American forum about my Too flying at my partners face and biting. They said cut his wings off as no flying means no attacks. So I guess I found an answer to my problem plus he can come outside once he's clipped. They advised taking all of his primary and secondary primaries (?) off. I shouldn't have taken mmms advice and bothered coming here. By the way she had nothing but glowing recomendation for your forum and for the life of me I cant see why.
  10. I came here coz mmm said its the best parrot forum around. When I got here I was suprised she wasnt a part of it. When you lot stop questioning me I'll ask about my Too and for your information tory Im 64!!!!!
  11. You lot want to know it all! I know mmm from a 4X4 Off Roading forum she now admins. she recomended this place but all you lot want to do is question question question. Think I'd be better going to one she said to avoid called ******!
  12. She tells a different tale not being bored of answering questions and not demanding to be what she was. She posted that she just wanted access to the articlles she had been building up over the years to be able to edit + addnew ones
  13. mmm advised me to come here for help with my Too but to be honest after reading the way she was treated here after putting so much behind the scenes work in I think Ill try a different bird forum
  14. thanks for that So its not true whats being said all over other forums that the new managment here bullied her away? I read another member here was even not told off for calling her a ranting madwoman. oh well guess its the other forums gain then
  15. sorry double posted trying to correct a typo
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