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  1. pack it in you will make me blush lol what a privallage u had stroking the golden eagle , could you not pretent it was a new fashonable hand bag ? lol altho your present guests wouldnt take too kind im suspecting ;-( I noticed the wall paper too and lack of it . when i was re decorating , and stripping the walls . i just moved nelsons cage down abit each day , lol , however thicko here thought it was funny @ the time , but some how it wasnt once the new paper went up , hence his cage is now infront of my back window lol .. going to get some clear perspex to cover the walls i think when i move him again lol i also see you have some rescue birds ? im awaiting a home check and keen to help out myself . as ive a large empty cage . and plenty of spare time and love to give ;-) . Nelsons saying "nite nite baby" so it must be bed time lol
  2. Ahh thanks caron what nice words . yes as mentioned first post , getting nelson was well planned after many years wanting and re-search . i had seen lots of birds , my first natural impression was what a scruffy dude ! :oops: ..then when he came to me , and did his coooing submissive bit as i call it , their was no way i was leaving him behind ! and weve never looked back since lol Just love him to bits Looked @ your photobucket , what great pictures you have ! just love Cockatoos think their one of the best looking Parrots around , also love the chewed door picture lol , the back of my dining room chairs are just like it lol :shock:
  3. HA HA ... understand Familly friendly forums i was a moderator and still a member of a forum dedicated to marine fish my other interest , altho the A word was quite mild on the other forum also anyway well im 5ft 9 so not so short bum he he yes Nelson was spread eagled on me today as we were playing and i was thinking hes a big boy . if he had a fullbody of feathers im sure he would look more so lol bless him should have called him stig - no not after top gear but stig in the dump lol
  4. hmm im sure i typed something else their lmao
  5. thanks mpeafree or im just a short arse ! lol
  6. thanks for that ill give them a go . every little helps . were will i get them from? (stupid question alert) hardly gardeners world outside my front door ! more like beirut lol
  7. Great read ! I have a CAG nelson , i rehomed him when he was two yrs old and had been neglected and had plucked his feathers out to his breast Altho he came to me streight away , it took at least 12 months before he would let me stroke him , and he never spoke a word in this time either . but as mentioned by ZaKKaZ , once their given time love and Care you will be reaping the rewards ! as i am 4 years on Good Luck Gordon
  8. thanks to all , he gets fed well , a diet of various veg, fruit, nuts n seeds , and the occasional KFC :roll: generaly nothing the same too often .ive been accused of feeding him better than my 2 boys ! lol well he might aswell be my 3rd lol Not really had much to compaire him with over the years lol , but hes always been healthy whilst ive had him . he flys well to but prefers to walk the floor and sneak up on you , esp when the kids have the buiscuit tin out lol ha ha yes gives him more room for a good swing about lol
  9. Hi Everyone just thought id pop on , and say its been nice talking to some of you over the last week or so . so to put a face to a name , heres me and my Boy :roll:
  10. Well maybe . Id like to build an avary one day , and get nelson a friend too at some stage , but their so complex creatures , theirs no guarentee that every bird would get on together or manage to adapt to our familly or vice versa , i took nelson a couple of times to a friends pet shop were their was a grey , and introductions never went too well , hes a very shy bird with other parrots , and she chased him round the shop lol .nobody was hurt but it was funny to watch :roll: :oops: ive heard & thought about fostering for a while and see how that goes seeing as ive got two large parrot cages empty lol (if anybody has any info on the subject) ?
  11. Wow Marion W . Some Great Pictures their ! Theirs me thinking i had too many cages ! lol and ive just one parrot, Some fantastic looking birds you have, reminds me of a play school for birds he he . Avary looks great . Webster looks very happy and a cheecky chappy and your mcCaws are to die for , you must have so much fun @ your house ! and eyes in the back of you head lol
  12. Hi and Thank you for the walm welcome to your forum . Net he was Bold when i got him ,so a vast improvement . but he still does splice his feathers into a V shape , He has Many toys in his Play Pen and Other Cage ( and chew sticks and rope , unfortunatly im aware this is a habbit he possably never get out of , despite constant attention he is hardly ever on his own ! Rubytoo yes he says hello Recovery as thats how i answer my works phone , yes im in the industry lol
  13. Hello we would just like to say hi to the forum . I have had Nelson for 4 years now he is an African Grey Parrot . and he is 6 years old . I wanted a Parrot for years as a Boy but circumstances never matched what time i could give a Parrot , being in the forces, other work , and home life etc etc, when the time was right and after years of intrest and research I Looked at Many Parrots up and down the country , all very different in carrector / behaviour, Condition and Health I then saw an advertisement in the newspaper , Once in his old home , I was shocked to see him in a corner in a tiny cage . in a spare room with no windows , or people even passing :-( . His Cage was a mess with no toys . and he had clearly plucked out his breast feathers The attitude regards the owner was clear no love was involved and he was mearly an asset . I asked for a closer inspection . His owners replyed no chance are we putting our hands in their he will have our fingers off ! well clearly i wasnt suprised , i asked for the papers , once they were out of the room . we had a good chat me and nelson , he even came to greet me thro the bars of the cage , by the time the owner reterned with the papers , he was sat on my hand eating nuts . it was at that point . (it was like nelson saying "Get me out of here) ! I said ill take him of your hands ! ive obviously changed his name to nelson , and we are both really happy . he says many words ,learnt lots of tricks . and is one of the family and will be for many years to come . here are some vids of Nelson I hope i can post the here . Hope to meet and Talk to many of you , regards the Birds we Hold so dear Gordon & nelson :wink:
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