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  1. these stories so often end in misery so its good to hear a successfull outcome, i'm realy pleased for you
  2. the one thing that keeps my 2 hahns macaws busy is the small hide dog chews, its not a cure but it may be worth a try.....good luck
  3. welcome ana, iv'e only been a member here a short time & have been made very welcome, i'm sure you'll feel the same way
  4. my sentiments exactly marion i sweep up every couple of hours throughout every day very good explanation of living with parrots though, i must be mad but i love it
  5. i can't stop laughing over that one, i take it the squirel got away
  6. this is a story i have been following since before christmas & at last a happy ending.... http://www.itv.com/westcountry-west/santa-owl-released80980/
  7. erm let me see, when was wurzel gumidge last on tv ruby & sue ??....
  8. even better ruby thanks, iv'e got loads of that sat in my shed left over from my days in the trade ......why did'nt i think of that
  9. i used to work in security, just a tip if your thinking about getting cctv don't buy cheap stuff, the picture quality is generally rubish & no good to police, a good system may be expensive but weigh that up against the value of your birds / other sentimental items etc & it dosen't seem so bad
  10. from one new member to another nemo welcome along to the forum, a very friendly & knowledgable place good idea about the rawhide sticks ruby, one of my hahns macaws sits on my shoulder chewing the stems to my glass's, i'll try that
  11. glad to see i'm not the only golden oldie on here then ruby they don't make 'em like that anymore (jon pertwee RIP)
  12. i hate to think of the consequences had you not have noticed that, well spotted & thanks for the warning
  13. imo most information you find in books is either available on the net, this forum or by speaking to a good avian vet, i would be inclined to save your money & do a bit of googling
  14. anybody that can remember wurzel being on tv is giving away their age, .....thanks rubytoo i'll keep everyone updated with their progress back to health
  15. that looks great, iv'e never seen a swing like that before i'll look out for one for my cockatiel aswell, he loves anything new
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